Bigger Than Life!

24 May
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Yes, we are trying to stick to our promise! LOL! I’m back blogging on a regular basis, not going to set any dates, but shooting for several times a week. Right now it’s just me, waiting on others to jump in with some great topics!

So Advertisements that are Larger than Life! I came across this blog post on Twitter and it lead me to Adidas page. I’d like to start by saying that Adidas do some really cool campaigns, seems like we should be doing some work with them. ;o) So, back to the topic at hand. A few years back Adidas posted blank bill boards and Graf Artist Tagged them up, as any Artist would do, with a blank canvas! This kind of interactive advertising takes marketing and connecting to your client base to a whole new level! This is all about the coolness Adidas creates to attract people! I love it! Let me know what you think!! This is interactive too!Now this is a serious game, they have some kind of rope for support!

Wow! That’s one BIG BALL! But tell me the truth… it’s cool! Right? This is beyond your normal boring bill board. How many people do you think stopped and amazement?

Who’s shoes are in this box? SMH! BigFoot can you please move your shoe box out of our town square? LOL! If you can move it, you got to go around it, but you definitely have to look at it. But some people like to join!!

Like these guys, that’s kind of high so, I’m not too sure how they got up there! I’ll stop commenting. On the last two images I’ll let you just be shocked out of your mind.

That’s it! Now you should want to go out and come up with some super crazy ideas for your clients! What would be cool is… see you on Twitter!


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