Fresh Design Follow-up: Carte Blanche

Wondering what happened to “Fresh Design: Carte Blanche Got Skills in CMYK.” Well it has gone through a little bit […]

Fresh Design: Carte Blanche Got Skills in CMYK

Design in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black!!! We wanted to highlight another Client, a Chicago based Public Relations and Marketing Agency that has recently gone through a Re-Naming.

Fresh Design: Yashi’s Experience

We said we would give you a taste of what we have in the Pipeline. This is a wonderful R&B Artist, week had a meeting a few weeks ago and we just came up with this concept that I think reflects what the client described.

June 6-10: Chicago Design Week
29 May Category: Design Event
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kick-off of AIGA Chicago Design week! If you wanted to attend most of the events are sold out, but you can come out to the get togethers listed in this post! Che Woo will be attending the Annual Members Meetings at the Park West.

Art Social “Walking Without Shoes”
27 May Category: Community Art Events, Design Event
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Hot off the Press! We at Che Woo Design believe in giving back to the community and have partnered with […]

7 Keys to Creating Your Own Design Style!
26 May Category: Design Design Design
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Good Evening or Morning! So, while on Twitter, I seen an RT, it caught my attention and well this is […]

Bigger Than Life!
24 May Category: Design Design Design
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So Advertisements that are Larger than Life! I came across this blog post on Twitter and it lead me to Adidas page. I’d like to start by saying that Adidas do some really cool campaigns, seems like we should be doing some

Let’s make it Black and White

Che Woo Design recently worked on a project that makes me think of the quote, “when you are given lemons, make lemonade!”

Taking it to the Bank!

This is a recent project I worked on. Online ads and marketing is a different animal than print design or print ads. I always take the targeted…

Single Girl Summer Branding
01 May Category: Che Woo Design Project
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Good Day! Well we have been busy building the image and Brand of a young motivated writer Deanne Burrell. On […]