About CW


My name is Chevonne Woodard, I’m a Chicago native with a splash of Cali in my blood! Thank you for visiting my design log! You will see concepts and design I have created, read my thoughts and thinking on why I believe my solutions are sound. I pride myself in thinking as the consumer when marketing products and services. As a Designer, Art Director, Visual Artist, Digital Designer or whatever new exciting title has been created to categorize what once was a Commercial Artist or Graphic Designer is what I am.

Creation is a gift fashioned after God! It’s a talent and a blessing. I use my talent for developing marketing tools for others. I’ve created events that have had some great success to help indies promote their goods.  Additional topics I will cover: Are Designers Artist? Are they one in the same? Design terminology, communicating with a Designer, Why Branding is Important for your Business, and taking a look at cool advertising out there!

I hope you find the information informative, thought provoking, and some great out-of-the-box solutions that you’d like to be involved in your next project!


For additional information on my personal design projects or for design services please visit www.chewoodesign.com.